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For 7 out of 8 people, a BMI of 30 could mean fatty liver. What is your BMI?

Don’t risk your health and your future.

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NAFLD is present in up to 75% of people who are overweight and in more than 90% of people who have severe obesity.

A Real Problem in Florida

Fatty liver disease affects more than 25% of people in Florida.

Do you really want to be a part of that sad stat? Your liver is one of the most essential organs in the body, so keeping the liver in good health is vital to your health and the best possible life.

Even If You Don’t Drink – Be Aware

You can suffer from liver disease even if you don’t drink! Most people associate liver damage with excessive alcohol consumption, but did you know you can suffer from liver disease even if you don’t drink?

Fatty Liver Disease Is Reversible

With lifestyle changes like refraining from alcohol and a diet and exercise regime, fatty liver disease is reversible. Our qualified team of gastroenterologists can help you before it develops into damaging liver failure or cirrhosis.

Screening is Quick and Painless

At GI Associates, we use a non-invasive technique called FibroScan to diagnose fatty liver. It is quick, easy, and painless – no need for an invasive biopsy.

It’s not worth the wait. Request an appointment & start feeling better now.

What is Fatty Liver Disease?

Non-alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease: NAFLD is a term that is used to cover a wide scope of liver conditions affecting people who drink little to no alcohol. The severity can range from fluid buildup in the abdomen to cirrhosis or liver failure.

Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease: Over time, abusing alcohol can lead to irreversible liver damage. Those who drink a lot of alcohol, as well as those who are obese, have the highest risk of developing alcoholic fatty liver disease.

It’s not worth the wait. Request an appointment & start feeling better now.

With treatment, you can feel better than you have in years.

Don’t settle for living feeling anything but at your best. Fatty liver disease may be reversible.

Life doesn’t need to slow down because of fatty liver disease. It may be reversible, and with treatment, your best possible health starts today.

Stories From Our Patients

Our main concern is your health, comfort, and well-being. Hear from our satisfied patients and see why Gastro Florida is the best, most convenient place for your GI care.


Gastro Florida has shown to be a truly caring doctor who listens and helps. Their advice and recommendations started to turn my symptoms for the better in numerous ways within some time. I am making more progress here than elsewhere and am very thankful.



The doctor listened to me for real, no interrupting and real interest. I really appreciated that. He explained things very well so that I understood why surgery is the next step for me.


Megan M.

The care from them has been exceptional. The doctor is patient and caring. Covers the effects of my husband’s illness very completely in a timely manner. He is clear about treatment and what to expect.


Judith M.

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