Gastro Plus Connected Care

With Gastro Plus Connected Care, Gastro Florida now offers its Medicare, Medicare Advantage and some participating commercial insurance beneficiaries a personal Care Navigator to help navigate certain chronic conditions. This program will allow us to work with you remotely throughout each month, in between office visits, and to help you stay on track with a personal Care Plan designed by your physician. You will be aligned with one of our skilled clinical team members, a Care Navigator, who will work with you remotely throughout your care journey. This program is often covered by your insurance and has no additional cost to patients.

Call us at (727) 382-0014 to find out more. 

Why is this important?

The Gastro+ Connected Care program is intended to help our physicians and staff continue to deliver the best possible care after you leave our offices. Published data shows that staying connected to medical personnel in between regular office visits improves the overall health of a patient. 

Program Benefits

  • Personal Care Plan based on physician orders and recommendations, with your personal health, home and work situation in mind
  • Focus on GI Specific conditions:
    • IBD/IBS
    • Fatty Liver and other Liver diseases
    • Chronic Constipation
    • Crohn’s/Colitis
    • Dysphagia/Motility disorders
    • Gastritis, Ulcers
    • GERD (in combination with other non-GI conditions)
  • Your personal Care Navigator will answer your questions, provide helpful tips and education, guide you via phone as often or as little as fits your schedule 
  • The program allows your physician to monitor you regularly without you having to come into the office 
  • Optional weight scale sent to your home as part of a Weight Management track within the program