Fatty Liver Disease, How Is It Caused?

Person holding their stomach in pain, in need of treatment from Gastroenterologist

What are the common causes of fatty liver?

Fatty liver is one of the leading causes of liver problems, but it can be easily prevented or reversed. Most cases of fatty liver are preventable, and the best way to treat fatty liver is by understanding what causes this ailment in the first place. Fatty liver is also known as hepatic steatosis, and it’s basically a buildup of fat inside your liver cells. This is very similar to how obesity can lead to diabetes because when you have too much glucose circulating in your blood, your body will try to put that somewhere, so it doesn’t cause damage, such as putting it in “storage,” which often leads to fatty deposits forming all over your body.

The main reason for fatty liver is excessive alcohol consumption. If you have a problem with drinking too much, then chances are very high that your liver will start showing symptoms of fatty liver disease. This can cause a lot of damage over time, even if you drink in moderation. It’s also possible to get fatty liver from being overweight and diabetes, although these aren’t as common as the first case mentioned. Some cases of fatty liver might be hereditary, but there’s no way to know for sure since many people don’t actually suffer from this ailment until a doctor has tested them.

Fatty Liver Diet 

 A fatty liver is almost always caused by poor diet choices or obesity (though not always), so it only makes sense that changing your diet can certainly improve your liver function. If you have fatty liver, whether it’s from drinking too much alcohol or eating poorly for a long time, there are some things you can do to make sure the rest of your organs don’t suffer as well.

If you’re having problems with fatty liver, you should definitely try to avoid foods high in sugar, especially fructose. This is because sugar might cause insulin resistance which will eventually lead to even worse health problems. Make sure that you also try to cut back on any deep-fried foods and red meats (which have been shown to cause damage in general) and replace them with healthier alternatives such as fish and chicken if necessary. Obese people must get their weight under control because this will help with many other health problems that fatty liver might cause.

Can fatty liver change my diet?

For some people, it can, but for most others, a change in diet isn’t going to be enough on its own. Obviously, the best way to treat fatty liver is by treating the root of the problem and never allowing your body to develop fatty liver disease in the first place, especially if you have a family history of it or other health problems. If you’ve been drinking too much alcohol, you must cut back as soon as possible, so you don’t lose any more of your liver function than necessary. If your fatty liver was caused by being overweight, losing weight should also improve how your organs function and reduce your risk of getting fatty liver again.

Do I have to stop drinking?

It can help, but if you have a problem with drinking too much, it probably won’t be enough on its own. If you’re still having problems with fatty liver even though you’ve been trying to cut back on how much alcohol you consume, then something else might need to change as well. The best thing you can do is try to avoid any beloved foods or drinks for a while and see what happens when your body doesn’t have anything harmful coming in regularly. This includes sugar, deep-fried foods, red meat, and pretty much everything unhealthy, including high amounts of fat or fructose (such as soda). You could also make an appointment with your doctor to talk about possible ways to treat fatty liver disease without making drastic changes.